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Learning Resource Center Feedback

 “Helps you understand the material and clears up any doubts you may have. Great tutor!” [Alina - Chemistry 101]

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看 “The tutor was extremely helpful and patient with me. Any questions I asked her she knew how to help and assist me.” [Yangyang - Math 103]

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看 "Sean is very professional and responsive to my requests. His feedback is valuable to move me along in this writing process, which is daunting. So grateful this service is available." [Sean - Writing Center]

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看 "Gina is a genius! I am so grateful for her help and have told all my classmates to seek out her advice." [Gina - Writing Center]

 "Anna is an excellent tutor who is very passionate in teaching! I feel I have made good progress with her for the past few weeks." [Anna - Grammar Lab]

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看 “Khanh was very knowledgeable on the subject was was able to explain very clearly!” [Khanh – Physics 100B]

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看 “Michael was an amazing tutor. He helped me understand the topic way better. [He] was very understanding and answered all my questions.” [Michael – Math 140]

 "The Grammar Lab has helped me a lot. Gretchelle was an especially good teacher for me today. I really like how she helped me understand the problems with my grammar." [Gretchelle - Grammar Lab]

 ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看"Melissa was very friendly and had great suggestions." [Melissa - Writing Center]

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看 "Rosie is very helpful and gives very good feedback." [Rosie - Writing Center]

 "Arin was great! Patient, funny, lots of examples! I'll be coming back to him." [Arin - Grammar Lab]


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