• Once a Matador, Always a Matador

Senior Class Gift

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看Congratulations! You’ve reached your final semester at California State University, Northridge.

After graduation, your presence on campus will be missed. But your influence with CSUN as a Matador is just beginning.

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看The Senior Class Gift is a tradition and your first chance to leave your legacy on campus. The generosity of those who came before you enhanced your CSUN experience, and now it is your time to leave your mark, be remembered and give back.

Your gift will help to provide future students with the same opportunities you enjoyed during your time as a student. Make your gift of any size, a lot of small gifts add up to make a big difference! Parents and friends may also give a gift in your honor to the Senior Class Gift.

ae86老湿机在线观看_石榴福利视频100集_免费视频天天看The funds raised by the Senior Class Gift help provide support for programs and projects across campus.

For more information or if you have questions, please send an email to